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I purchased a property through US invest after talking to Ryan McFarland.

Ryan guaranteed the property would be refurbished and that it was in a good area.

After purchasing the property US Invest shut down and it appears the owners have taken the money paid for the rehab of all the units.

The owners were James Bradley and Ryan McFarland and they currently are running new companies Wealthceos and Your Wealth Education.

I just want these criminals held to account.

There are a lot of very unhappy clients looking for the elusive James Bradley.

After searching on the web we find James Bradley is a professional conman who has made millions from stealing other peoples money.

James Bradley should be ashamed of himself.

AmandaB wrote the review because of warranty issue at Wealth Ceos and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Wealth Ceos to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Wealth Ceos wealth ceos real estate investment for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1277562

Though these comments were not from our group after much research we have found that james bradley and US Invest did not commit fraud.

Though we initially thought Bradley because of his background was up to no good it has become very apparent that he is not involved with the people he has been accused of associating with and has not been associated for over a decade.

Though we did not post this comment we apologise to James Bradley, Ryan mcfarland and Dan Montano for comments made on other sites about their behaviour.

Ring +61400860189 for further details and information.

Reykjav, Hofuoborgarsvaoio, Iceland #1116328

Well Ryan - there will be some very interesting facts posted shortly in regard to what you did after you shut down US Invest.

We will not post them yet as we are waiting for documents but it doesn't look good for your story about not being involved with BRADLEY anymore.

Sure you never deliberately and intentionally broke the law either - that would be very unlike any company associated with James Bradley.

You allowed Bradley to openly LIE and use FRAUD to sell properties when you knew they were lies. We have all your videos as well and we are in the process of stitching all the lies together with the real evidence and facts shown to disprove your and Bradley's comments.

Sure you are about to be proven VERY WRONG Ryan McFarland.

Anyone who would start a business with a man who is a known fraudster (YES YOU KNEW) is a bit hard to be taken seriously.

We can put up a website and call for victims if you want.

And of course you will cop all the flak - Bradley will be long gone and you will do everything to protect him as he is your good friend. We also admit to using false names as we do not want Organised Crime Figures sending people around to threaten us because we dared to stand up to a fraudster like Bradley.

to Rick Grevas Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1277564

Sincere apologies to Ryan Mcfarland who was dragged into this sordid affair through no fault of his own.

Any imputation that Ryan committed fraud is false and further information can be acquired by ring +61400860189

It is a long story and Ryan got caught in the middle of it.


Please be advised that if you have an issue with a US Invest property you can email into the customer service department at and it will be reviewed and assistance will be provided if possible.

We are still working through any outstanding issues and all clients were notified of this when we closed down US Invest operations.

I'm also not sure where your getting your information from regarding James Bradley being an owner of Your Wealth Education because he is not. He has nothing to do with Your Wealth Education, is not at owner, employee, partner, shareholder, etc. and this company is also not doing anything close to what US Invest was doing.

We sell real estate investing education which teaches people that want to start a business buying and selling real estate how to find, fund, and flip real estate deals.

If you need further clarification please advise and we will be happy to assist in whatever way we can.

to Ryan M #1116552

So Mr. McFarland since you are not denying that you were an owner of US Invest please explain how you feel you are a real estate guru deserving of people money from your expert advice

US Invest offered the same thing as your new company yet you male claims there is no money to pay back the money you took from your clients.

Also why are all the "gurus" of US Invest starting new companies doing same thing but claiming to be different companies.

I'm referring to Your Wealth Education and Wealth CEOs. You bo there offer "education" but are obviously both the same company

to Ryan M Contact, Montana Province, Bulgaria #1117463

The Customer Service Department - is that you Mr Ryan McFarland. They will admit there is no money - it is all just disappeared along with James Bradley. You have no intention of honoring your legal promises and commitments to your former clients - you knew all along that the assets would be stripped and the company shut down - THIS IS HOW BRADLEY has run companies ofr a decade and is illegal.

to Bill Bunter Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1277566

These comments are false and have proven to be so.

Ryan McFarland has not to our knowledge broken any legal commitments or promises and has been caught up in something he was not involved in to start with.

Further clarification can be supplied- ring +61400860189

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary #1116098

We also got stung by the false promises from Ryan McFarland and James Bradley.

Happy to join a class action against these people.

to Amanda B #1116215

Please refer to the previous comment and email any issues to

to Ryan M San Jose, California, United States #1116954

Why all you repeat is the same lies you are told to repeat from James Bradley - we have no money.

WHERE DID THE MONEY GO Ryan McFarland - Property guru

If you had any idea what you were doing you would not shut companies down and run off with your clients money then start up new companies with known ORGANISED CRIME figures.

More *** from Ryan McFarland - James's butt boy.

All lies Ryan - your response is send us an email - what to the same people that stole our money in the first place - FU

You cannot defraud people then expect them to email YOU for help - you are a complete joke Ryan and are about to be exposed BIG TIME. Shred everything Ryan.

to William Rebiscsus Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1277565

Sincere apologies to Ryan McFarland for the above comments that are now proven to be incorrect.

Ring +61400860189 for further clarification

to Ryan M Contact, Montana Province, Bulgaria #1117460

and they will tell you there is no money or assets left to fix anything - someone took them all.

Your reply is a joke Mr Ryan McFarland - you sold properties with guarantees you knew would never be honored - this is FRAUD.

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